The following are a few resources that I find helpful.  I hope you do too!

Resources I developed

Brodie Lab Standards and Practices

A guide to data collection and data management practices, intended as a reference for undergraduate and graduate students. I wrote this document in collaboration with Malcolm Augat and Brian Sanderson.


External resources

Dr. Dolph Schluter’s R Tips

Written by Dr. Dolph Schluter of the University of British Columbia, this website is a fantastic introduction to data analysis in R, with an emphasis on statistical methods used by ecologists and evolutionary biologists.

Generalized Linear Mixed Models for Evolutionary Biologists

This website was developed as a companion to “Generalized linear mixed models: a practical guide for ecology and evolution” by BM Bolker et al. 2009 (Trends in Ecology and Evolution 24: 127-135). It is a detailed and practical guide to the challenges encountered using GLMMs with real ecological data, and includes worked examples with datasets and R code.